Founded in 1987, women were graced with the most superbly fitting range of tailored suits, separates, casual jackets and coats, all designed, cut and made by craftsmen and women in house in London using only the finest quality fabrics.

Throughout the suiting era when women were embracing the power dressing Eighties and Nineties, Husen Moda triumphed, adorning business women in the workplace with serious pin stripes or the simplicity of sheer elegance. For every woman and any occasion Husen Moda tailoring oozed quality, style and individuality giving the wearer confidence.

In 1996 Husen Moda extended the brand into the retail sector with the opening of Husen Moda shops and exhibiting throughout the UK capturing a wider audience. Noting the introduction of casual wear into the workplace Husen Moda dynamically transcended with this significant shift in fashion continuingly maintaining the company elements, quality, style and individuality.

Husen Moda Fashioning for 23 years.

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